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Smart Home Surveillance System

No place is safe if proper security measures are not taken. The crimes like a threat, break-ins etc are a common occurrence everywhere. So it's very important to install proper security measures to make sure proper security surveillance can be done. Opton Automation provides you with the best security solutions available for your home and commercial spaces. We make your home and commercial space a safe haven where you can stay without any fear of intruders.

Opton is the best supplier of CCTV in Kerala. We make sure your home and commercial spaces are under 24X7 surveillance by installing best CCTV cameras available. You may travel away from your home or workplace without having to think twice about the security as you may have portable live feeds of the CCTV cameras installed in your spaces. This enables you to monitor your spaces from any location. If any intruders come by you will be immediately warned. We have all types of security solutions you need like alarms, motion sensors, CCTV etc

Opton Automation is the best providers of home security solutions in Cochin. We strive to satisfy your security requirements through our products like water leak sensors, window sensors, smoke detectors etc. We make sure the installation services from Opton are available even after the full completion of the design in case of any maintenance issues.

Our services are cost effective and of high quality. We value customer satisfaction and maintain high integrity throughout our services.

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