Smart Audio-Video Distribution

Are you looking to enjoy the best of high resolution music and movies in your home and use such entertainment features for a wide range of functional uses? Then you should definitely choose to use our highly advanced audio-video distribution systems to achieve the desired results. As a leading home automation company Kerala, we at Opton Smart Home Design can recommend you the smartest audio-video distribution systems that can serve as a great addition to your home. Our audio-video distribution systems have been tested for the highest level of efficiency and have already generated positive responses from numerous customers.

There are numerous distinct advantages of choosing smart audio-video distribution throughout your premises. For instance, you can have your music systems and multimedia devices intelligently automated so that they can help you to simply sit back, relax, be comfortable and enjoy. You will also have the option of setting up individual rooms or the whole house automated in a way that they greet you as you enter your home or the various rooms. The rooms can also play your favorite music playlist as you enter. The audio can also get turned off automatically once you leave the room. You can even have your multi room audio system play music at a high volume should any kind of unauthorized entry is detected so that it can scare off the intruders.

The latest audio-video distribution systems also allow you to play a beautiful door chime sound in specific rooms that can work to notify you about the arrival of guests in your home. You can fill a specific room or each and every room with high-definition content. Whether you want to enjoy the latest movies in 4K quality or stream high resolution music in your home, there are plenty of great entertainment that you can enjoy simply with the click of a single remote. You can also create a grand home theater experience in your home and enjoy the best of television programs or movies. Such clean, simple and clutter-free entertainment can be yours with our state of the art audio-video distribution systems.

Once you have decided to get our audio-video distribution systems installed in your home, simply give us a call and our wireless home automation Kerala experts can attend to your specific needs. We can create a customized installation plan for you that can specifically meet all your technical and budget requirements.

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