Smart Fire Alarm System

When you are running an office, one of the first things that you should focus on is the security and safety of all the employees working with you. To achieve this goal, you should have the best quality fire alarm systems installed at strategic points all across your office. A fire alarm system can also help you to protect the computer systems, electronic systems, office furniture, paperwork and documents as well as other materials from getting ruined.

Opton Automations, home security system Kerala/Cochin is a leading name in the automation products and services industry. We can offer you powerful solutions for your office that can completely protect your valuable property from getting damaged by fire. We have been offering our smart office automation services to our customers for a long time and have generated considerable positive reviews over the years. Our office and home automation system Kerala products have time and again met with rave reviews.

Fire management is an important part of any office infrastructure and we believe that every office should have the most powerful alarm systems in order to make sure that an actual fire never breaks out. It is not only important to have the best quality fire alarm systems installed in the office workspace but also integrate them with smoke detectors or smoke control systems. Typically, it is the smoke control systems that detect an outbreak of fire at the earliest point of time. Therefore by having smoke control systems installed in different parts of the office, it is possible to enhance the efficiency of the fire alarms.

Along with the installation of fire alarms and smoke control systems, it is also necessary to monitor the HVAC systems and regulate heating, cooling, lighting, electrical, security and various other systems associated with the office since a fire breakout can affect all of them. In most office buildings, the underlying cause for a fire mishap is a short circuit or some other electrical factor. Since the whole building is connected with electrical systems, monitoring them all can help in successful fire detection. The intercommunication between the various systems within an office can help to ensure optimized efficiency in terms of fire management. We also provide with wireless fire detection systems that can help in detecting smoke or sudden rise in the temperatures.

Our fire alarm experts can optimize the fire prevention methods installed in a building and we can also educate you and your staff on using the fire alarms and the methods to control them. This can help you to protect the office workspace from any major or minor fire outbreak. You can also have updates on your smartphone or tablet in case a fire breaks out.

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