Custom Home Theatre

If you are someone who loves to completely immerse yourself in the movies that you are watching, then you should definitely get a custom home theatre built right at your premises. A home theatre is a one of a kind dedicated space that is used for optimum possible reproduction of realistic movie experience. While plenty of people tend to watch movies in their televisions or computer systems, having a dedicated theatre in your home mean that you can actually replicate the theatre experience right at your home. A Custom Home Theatre often comes with a door which can be closed or sealed off to remove it from the other parts of the home. Since the main goal of this room is to provide with high quality entertainment, it can be customized in numerous ways for delivering the ultimate visual and auditory experience.

At Opton Smart Home Design, the number one provider of home automation services Kerala, we take our smart home designing work very seriously and we can create the perfect custom home theatre for you based on your specific requirements. Once you get in touch with us, we will present you with a number of options for electronic systems that you can choose from. Based on your preferences, we can design and develop your custom home theatre in your home and make sure that you are well equipped to enjoy the best of entertainment. We understand that a custom home theatre is meant for a discerning customer and so we only offer you the best solutions that money can buy.

Our custom home theatre optimizations include the following:
  • Large video display centrally located at accurate viewing height and also at optimal distance from seats
  • Two rows of comfortable and dedicated home theatre sofas/seats with quality upholstery
  • Acoustic Wall Treatments
  • Lighting features that can darken the room conveniently to pitch black degrees or nearly so
  • 12” high optimum quality rear seating stage
  • Lighting design that is specifically meant for watching movies
  • Speakers which will be located at precise locations to deliver accurate playback experience for multi-channel soundtracks and deliver top quality sound
  • Once we are done with your custom home theatre, you will be able to play high definition audio and video like the way they are meant to. You can also get back to our smart home automation Kerala experts in case you need anything altered or upgraded.

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