Are you looking to beautify your home with smart shades and shutters that offer you enhanced energy saving options? Then you should definitely use our state of the art products that come with a wide range of useful features. Opton Smart Home Design is a reputable provider of products and services that can help in seamless home automation. For quite some time, we have been providing our clients based in Kerala with different types of home automation system. Our products are skillfully designed and developed to meet the varied needs of our residential and commercial customers.

Investing in top quality window treatment products can be one of the most practical decisions that you can take for your home. Not only it will add to the beauty of your home but also help you to regulate the light and shade in your rooms. You can also have greater privacy in your home as and when you need it.

Why should you choose our smart shades and shutters?

Here are some of the reasons as to why should you contemplate using our smart shades and shutters:
  • Our window treatment products can help you to manage the ambient temperature in your room and save on energy bills.
  • They can also help you in regulating the entry of light in your rooms and manage the issue of over shading.
  • With our smart shades and shutters, you can easily manage the privacy of your home and feel comfortable that no one from outside is watching.
  • The smart shades and shutters that we have to offer are designed to enhance the beauty of your home.
  • Since our smart shades and shutters do not come with any hanging operating cords, they are much cleaner and stylish when it comes to their looks.
  • Our smart shades and shutters offer enhanced child and pet safety features which means you can keep on using them without getting worried that they may accidentally injure your child or pets.
  • The window treatment products that we have to offer are easy to use and pocket friendly.
  • These window treatment products can also be seamlessly integrated with smartphone apps so that you can operate them quite conveniently as and when you want.
  • Once you have decided to have our smart shades and shutters installed in your home, simply discuss your needs with our experienced home automation Kerala experts and they can provide you with the best custom installation and integration support.

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