Opton - Smart Home Security Ststem in Kerala/Cochin


Smart Security Systems

Are you planning to install the highest security for your home? Optone provides the best home security systems available in Kerala with a very powerful range of sophisticated features. These devices ensure the highest quality security for your premises and also keep track of every person entering and exiting your home at any point in time. For proper installation and maintenance of the security systems, you need professional help which Optone happily offers you.

Your security systems are connected with your wifi or internet to keep 24X7 surveillance possible from any location as all these features are monitored through an app on your smartphone. Our security system services are available in all budget ranges starting from entry level services to high-end services. We provide motions windows, door sensors, door locks, cameras, sirens etc for the security of your home and commercial spaces.

When you call us for your security system service we sit down with you and discuss your requirement. We will then suggest some of the possible security systems that could be installed and upon your agreement, we start the installation process. We are always available for Maintenance and serving. So please free to contact us for the security services to make your home a safe haven.

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